Here is why the popular @BigCMen account was removed from JustFor.Fans

Back in Mach 2019, the immensely popular @BigCMen account was removed from the JustFor.Fans platform. Run by ‘Cory’ and his husband ‘Jared Tyler’, the @BigCMen page was one of the best performing accounts on JFF. According to Cory, their account had 1348 active subscribers at the time they were kicked off. Each member paid $14,99 per month, which means that the amateur couple was doing $20,206.52 per month at that time. The JFF platform takes a 30% share, but even then… the couple was doing pretty well in terms of income.

On the 5th of March 2019, JustFor.Fans founder Dominic Ford released a statement about the termination of the @BigCMen account as well as the reasons for their removal. In a Tweet, Dominic explains why his platform made the decision to remove the popular and well-earning account. The original Tweet (screenshot below) begins with; “Weaponizing someone’s mental health, addiction struggles, etc. is uncalled for and crosses a line“.

JustFor.Fans terminates BigCMen account after bullying, harassment and spreading hate

After reading the entire statement, it becomes clear that Cory and Jared Tyler are no longer part of the JFF platform due to their constant bullying, harassment, spewing hate and attacking other members of the community. Adult performers Dolf Dietrich and Nick Capra are just two of their victims – but judging by the replies on Twitter – many, many more models seem to have negative experiences with the guys behind the @BigCMen account. After his public announcement, JFF founder Dominic Ford has been receiving a lot of love and respect from community members.

For the period of one month, existing members were still able to access the content, but the page was closed for new subscribers, immediately. Since then, Cory and Jared have moved on and have created their own membership site, called “The Big C Men“. Fans can sign up here and continue to follow the adventures of Cory and Jared, while new content is being added on a very regular basis.



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