JustFor.Fans Introduces Auto Re-Posts Feature for Exclusive Models

In order to help models maximize profits during the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic, JustFor.Fans has rolled out an auto re-post feature. This brand new feature is available for exclusive JFF models only.

Besides maximizing profits for all parties, JustFor.Fans is clearly looking for ways to get models to commit to their platform. That’s why this feature can only be used by exclusive models.

With the new feature, JFF will now automatically re-post a randomly selected clip daily from 6 PM to 3 AM (Eastern Daylight Time). Each chosen clip will be at least four months old.

If desired, the auto re-post feature can be disabled. Re-posting older content is a proven way to attract new subscribers, so it’s recommended to leave this feature enabled.

Many models are currently in quarantine, which makes it difficult to create new content. This feature will help models to reach new customers and sell more memberships.

A list of exclusive JFF models can be found here


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