Stallion and Bunny

Listed on: May 6, 2020

Hi folks! We are a 22 and 31 year old, Asian-European interracial gay couple based in Europe, who escaped city life to settle somewhere idyllic and tranquil.

We have always had an active and kinky sex life ever since we’re together, whether it’s in the bedroom or outdoors.

While travelling we realized it would be hot to share it with you guys! This also helps us to fund our travels and for our big dream to come true (see below)!

We first set out for an island in the middle of the Mediterranean, and it had been an incredible experience (as you can see it in our videos 😉)

Almost a year later we decided to move back to the Old Continent, to look for a farm somewhere remote and well secluded, which would be our dream come true!

So now we’re here, backpacking around the Iberian Peninsula and looking for our new home, a remote farmland!

Right now we’re waiting for the COVID lockdown to end here in Spain, so we can carry on with our adventure. This means more sex indoors than outdoors at the moment 😉


Currently, there are 75 videos listed on Stallion and Bunny’s JustFor.Fans page!



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